Challenging the possibilities

of traveling sustainable

4x4electric – Dutch Tour

 5thFrom the 20st of September until the 16th of October 2022…

… we will make a trip through our home country, the Netherlands.

  • Testing the technique to charge the car off-grid
  • Visiting projects, people, and events that contribute to sustainability
  • And of course, to meet you… For this, we will go to cities and national parks and set up our camp for you to check out!

As this is for us a way to practice and test everything for our big adventure, we will of course make a movie of all the inspiring places we visit.

The route and spots to go to, are beging chosen at this very moment. Some locations that are definite:

Do you know an interesting sustainable project, an event, park, or city we should go to? Or a product we should test?

Please contact us!






Lets show the world what is possible

driving electric

Do you want to be a part of this adventure?

Do you want to meet us in real life?

These events are your chance:

Renske Cox
+31 6 575 87 920

Maarten van Pel
+31 6 220 83 750

From the Netherlands

*All the photos and video we made ourselves