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Organization, named NGO 4x4electric

Practical information about the NGO

KvK: 86526588

RSIN: 863995809

Located: Vught

Registration Date: 31-5-2022

SBI Code: 94996


Statutory objectives:

  1. To drive from the Netherlands to South Africa and back with a regular electric car that we charge with portable solar panels we take with us. We will be completely self-sufficient; sleeping in a rooftop tent, cook electric and shower by the car.
  2. To share this experience with followers to inspire and help them live more sustainable as well by sharing tips and tricks to implement sustainability in your daily live.
  3. To share projects we visit that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and tell about what we can learn from these projects.

More information can be found in our Policy Plan.


The board:

  • Pim A. Cramer, chairman
  • Casper F. Roosenstein, secretaris
  • Peter J.M. Cox, treasurer


Founders and executors:

  • Maarten van Pel
  • Renske Cox

Lets show the world what is possible

driving electric

Do you want to be a part of this adventure?

Renske Cox
+31 6 575 87 920

Maarten van Pel
+31 6 220 83 750

From the Netherlands

*All the photos and video we made ourselves