Challenging the possibilities

of traveling sustainable

Our goals

 As we like to be completely open to you, you can find here our exact goals as NGO:

  1. Find a way to make sustainable energy accessible off-grid as a mobile package.
  2. Gaining the trust of, and inspiring our followers, companies, and investors on what is possible in making our lives more sustainable.
  3. Offer companies an opportunity to test new techniques that contribute to sustainable mobility. Our collected data and our learnings will be shared with the public.
  4. Support the people/projects we visit by providing our network, knowledge, electricity from our car, and more.
  5. Inviting schools and universities to participate in our project to learn together with us.


Goal 1


Drive through 30+ countries, of which many countries have no charging stations, and charge the car with our off-grid mobile charging package.


At least 51% of our kilometers in Africa will be driven on electricity charged with our mobile charging package.

Goal 2


Reach a public of more than 5 million people.


Share our story on at least 20 different events in Europe and/or Africa.

Goal 3


Invite followers and partners at least 3 times when we are testing our off-grid mobile charging package.


Present our car and mobile charging package on at least 10 different events in Europe and/or Africa.

Goal 4


Visit 52 people/projects on route that contribute to sustainability and share what we learn from them with our followers.


Provide electricity with our mobile charging package to at least 15 projects.


At least 30 new connections will be made between people, projects and companies helping them become more sustainable.

Goal 5


At least 1.000 students will work on our project with us.


Share our story on at least 10 schools or universities.

Lets show the world what is possible

driving electric

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