Challenging the possibilities

of traveling sustainable


We are two Dutch nature geeks, both completely in love with each other, adventure and traveling the world…


We want to inspire and help people to do something about climate change, without compromising in the quality of life. It is all about being aware and making conscious choices.

We do this by experimenting with environmentally friendly products and services and making changes in the way we live wherever we can. 

Some experiments we have implemented:

  1. We do not need natural gas at home anymore, by adding solar panels and a heat pump 
  2. Cooking electric
  3. Buying food of the season, of the region and less meat
  4. Buying less packaging with initiatives such as PieterPot
  5. Buying products that are close to the expiration date to prevent them from becoming waste
  6. Taking a bag with us when we go shopping
  7. Driving electric
  8. Making our garden into a home for bees, butterflies, and animals with native plants that belong in our environment
  9. Starting 2020 we chose to no longer travel by airplane
  10. We are going to collect rainwater, and use this to water the plants, flush the toilet and for the dishwasher and washing machine

If you want to know more about this, do not hesitate to contact us!

Maarten van Pel

  • Age: 34
  • A true handy-man and risk manager
  • Studied Engineering
  • Worked as a project manager and engineer for several industries and companies

A well-experienced mountain climber. Without a guide he climbed over 15 mountains of 4,000 meters and more.

He loves adventure. He went on a 4×4 road trip through the remote areas of Kyrgyzstan without a guide.


Always looking for the next adventure

Renske Cox

  • Age: 32
  • A passionate travel planner & foodie
  • Studied Marketing and Communication
  • Worked in advertising for brands such as Samsung and Wiltec.

Traveled alone by public transportation through the nature of:

  • New Zealand,
  • Fiji Islands,
  • Thailand,
  • Costa Rica,
  • Galapagos,
  • and Ecuador.

Entrepreneur with 4 years of experience, helping SMEs to implementing innovative techniques and processes within their business. Turning a business into a sustainable and environmentally friendly business.



We already have experience driving electric, as we drive the Tesla Model 3 for over two years now. We drive the car for work, but also during our holidays. 

In the summer of 2021 we traveled from the Netherlands to the Lofoten in Norway with our Tesla Model 3. We drove 6,500 kilometers and slept in our car as if it were a campervan, always in the wilderness.

Oh… and one little detail:

As we love to see what’s possible to add to our comfort: The bed we slept on in the Tesla was built by us.

















Lets show the world what is possible

driving electric

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Maarten van Pel
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*All the photos and video we made ourselves